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Kalyani Chawla

Overheard: “My husband doesn’t need to know I was here” at the launch of Dior's VIP salon in Delhi
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Kalyani Chawla, Navneet and Kitty Kalra

Overheard: “How can it be a closing party? The fest just started!” at the India Art Fair in New Delhi
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Nasreen Qureshi

India’s Best Dressed List 2008

Text by Shirin Mehta, Nisha Jhangiani and Sohiny Das

This year’s Verve list identifies the three Cs in each of the ladies. They are varied in profession, personality, opinion and attire. Yet they are threaded together by distinction, which sets them apart. These fashion-forward women certainly deserve kudos for being the nation’s style-guides in their own inimitable ways.
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