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Judith Leiber

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February 25, 2016

Verve Style File: Swing by the ’70s

Compiled by Saumya Sinha

Here are the latest accessories for the new boho-chic!
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Judith Leiber, The Art Nouveau-influenced collection
September 16, 2015

Embroidered, embellished, colourful and classic, these bags will sort you out
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Payal Kothari, Sangeeta Assomull

Overheard: “Diamonds and cakes? A Prince Charming will complete the picture” at the Judith Lieber Couture store
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Designer Duo Anjallee and Arjun Kapoor

Opera House

Text by Shigorika Singh. Photographs by Anshika Varma

In true large-hearted Dilliwala style, designer duo Anjallee and Arjun Kapoor throw open the pearly gates of their dramatic, larger-than-life home and let Verve into their world of glam and glitter
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