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Ishika Motwane

Ishika Motwane for Verve

Candid Camera: Shadows

Photograph by Ishika Mohan Motwane. Text by Sitanshi Talati-Parikh

Kickstarting Verve's online 'Candid Camera' series, we bring moving images that tell a story. Keep looking
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Virkamaditya Motwane, Ishika Motwane, Director, Photographer

Through The Lens Deeply

Text by Sitanshi Talati-Parikh. Photographs by Tina Dehal.

He is the director of the award-winning Udaan and the lyrical Lootera. She is the Bollywood still photographer who captures candid frames with alacrity. Vikramaditya and Ishika Motwane indulge in light-hearted chatter on life and love with Sitanshi Talati-Parikh
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