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The Long Room At Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

A Date with Dublin’s Lush Landscapes And Glittering Waterways

Text by Saumya Sinha. All Photographs courtesy of Tourism Ireland

Feast your eyes on the blooming parks, beautiful Georgian architecture and striking street art in the city
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Dublin, Irish Life, neo-Big Fat Indian Wedding

Dublin: Three Castles and a Leprechaun

Text by Aparna Pednekar

Driving from gilt-edged pleasures in Dublin into the arms of luxurious bastions in Limerick, Verve has a crack at the plush Irish life, scouts lavish venues for a neo-Big Fat Indian Wedding and suspects an encounter with a tech-obsessed leprechaun
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Verve Ireland
March 22, 2014

Irish Cream

Text by Arti Sarin

Decadent champagne afternoons, charming historical pubs, romantic castle tours and long drives across a stunning coastline.
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Ireland, Dublin
April 27, 2009

Irish Cream

Text by Shirin Mehta

Ireland’s fight for freedom and its tense history have preserved it as one of the last bastions for the tourist. Today, Ireland and Northern Ireland have much to offer the traveller looking for new boundaries to cross. Natural wonders and fantasy scenery apart, the island offers a happy and stylish contingent of fine food, exceptional hotels, choice shopping, scenic spas and more. Verve raises a pint of Guinness to splendid Irish hospitality
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