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Hyatt Regency Mumbai

Cakes and Jewellery

The Jewel on the Cake

Text by Nasrin Modak. Photograhs by Parhad Goghavala.

Immerse yourself in the magic of a sweet union, a coming together of two elements – wedding cakes and jewellery – both symbolic of nuptial celebrations and entailing a high level of attention to detail. While the tradition of wedding cakes dates back to the Roman Empire signifying fertility, purity and loyalty, jewellery has always added a touch of sparkle and luxury to elegant nuptials. The seductive juxtaposition of the two luxe elements epitomises the spirit of weddings. Inspired by the special creations of three eminent jewellery designers for Verve, Chef Nicholas Fernandes, Pastry Chef, Hyatt Regency Mumbai lends his special touch and fashions cakes and confectionery
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Guava chilli sorbet, Food

Some like it hot

Text by Sonal Ved.

As restaurants and bakeries re-interpret the use of spices by replacing candied orange with cumin and lace our cupcakes with a swirl of wasabi and sugar cream instead of everyday vanilla, Verve taps the trend
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