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Feminism Week

Aranya Johar

What does it mean to be a feminist today? Aranya Johar talks about the shift in ideologies and acceptance
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Artwork by Kruttika Susarla for the 36 Days of Feminist Type Project
June 17, 2017

The Female Gaze: Kruttika Susarla’s 36 Days of Feminist Type

Text by Huzan Tata. Images courtesy of Kruttika Susarla.

Check out the A-Z of Feminism through the illustrator's vibrant creations...
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Vasu Primlani, Indian Comedy, Female Comic, The Female Gaze, Feminism Week,
June 16, 2017

Comedian Vasu Primlani tells us what it is like for a woman to find her footing in the big bad world of Indian comedy...
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Harish Iyer, Feminist, Gay Activist, The Female Gaze, Feminism Week,
June 15, 2017

"It takes a lot of resilience to break any norm, and where patriarchy is norm to stand up for women becomes an act of courage"
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Rupi Kaur, Instapoet, Milk and honey

"I began to write poems because I think no one should have to endure that kind of violence"
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Kiran Gandhi, Madame Gandhi, Musician, London Marathon, Menstruation, Period, Column,

The Female Gaze: Don’t Stop Running. People Are Watching

Originally published by Kiran Gandhi. Edited by Sadaf Shaikh

Musician Kiran Gandhi talks about the time she threw caution to the wind and ran the London Marathon with blood flowing down her legs
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