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Experimenter gallery

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockney: Self-portraits, Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockney: Photographs, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Choose from never-seen-before photocollages or inventive showcases in upcoming events from around the globe
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A Narayan Sinha installation at The India Story, Parmesh's Viewfinder, Parmesh Shahani
December 13, 2016

A whirlwind trip to the Bengali capital leaves Parmesh Shahani inspired
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Priyanka and Prateek Raja, Experimenter gallery, Kolkata

For Priyanka and Prateek Raja Home Is Where The Art Is

Text by Ranjabati Das. Photographs by Rishi Roy

Co-founders of Kolkata’s Experimenter gallery, Priyanka and Prateek Raja talk about how the artist-gallery relationship is a marriage of sorts too
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