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Chef Liang Xiao Qing

Two Lip-Smacking Recipes For Lovers Of Sea Food

Text by Simone Louis. Photographs by Prateek Patel

Chef Liang Xiao Qing and Chef Anshul Dhyani use two complex cooking techniques to create palate-pleasing dishes
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Steamed chicken dim sum with red rice and bok choy
October 19, 2014

Bending The Spoon

Text by Neha Gupta. Photographs by Vinay Kumar.

Red rice and bok choy aren’t usually combined for a flavoursome meal. Yet, Executive Chinese Chef Liang Xiao Qing and MasterChef K. Kasi have steamed and crushed these ingredients into traditional Southeast Asian and South Indian dishes. Verve is amazed at the dramatically spectacular outcome
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