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Candid Camera

Rema Chaudhary Ladakh

Candid Camera: On The Edge

Photograph by Rema Chaudhary

Rema Chaudhary's lens captures a glorious sense of patriotism
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samar singh virdi , photography, candid camera

Candid Camera: Eye of the Storm

Image by Samar Singh Virdi

In the face of a calamity, does life come to a standstill?
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sameer raichur for verve candid camera

Sameer Raichur's lens finds an interesting muse amidst books and playful light
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candid camera, vinit bhatt photography

Candid Camera: Let There Be Light

Compiled by Tejal Pandey

Photographer Vinit Bhatt's unique imagery manages to capture a peculiar play of light...
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candid camera photograph by tiana kamte, verve

Candid Camera: A State of Juxtaposition

Photograph by Tiana Kamte. Compiled by Tejal Pandey

Tiana Kamte's lens captures a stark contrast between land and sea, moving and still imagery...
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Krishna’s Butterball, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu
October 01, 2015

Candid Camera: The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Photograph by Sephi Bergerson. Compiled by Zaral Shah

Sephi Bergerson tries to capture the various colourful threads that go into the fabric of a big fat Indian wedding
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