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Bridal Couture

Rahul Mishra, India Couture Week 2016, fashion, runway, bridal couture

Best of India Couture Week 2016

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

We've rounded up the 5 best collections from ICW and all the trends you need to try this season
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Varun Bahl Sketch, India Couture Week 2016, Bridal couture, fashion, Indian designer

The couturier brings fine craftsmanship and a modern touch to his floral collection
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Rahul Mishra, Indian designer, fashion, bridal couture, India Couture Week 2016

His monsoon inspired bridal couture may be his dreamiest collection yet
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Anita Dongre, fashion, India Couture Week 2016, bridal couture

The designer's latest collection is for the free-spirited bride who loves a touch of tradition...
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3 must have designers, Indian weddings, bridal wear, Sanjay Garg, Sahil Kochhar, Sonaakshi Raaj
January 27, 2016

Three hot young designers who are gaining momentum on the wedding wear market talk about what's brewing in their creative cauldrons
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Tarun Tahiliani, Fashion Designer
November 23, 2015

Architect of breathtaking ensembles, Tarun Tahiliani, the favourite designer of fabulous brides and their mothers, muses on his artistic beginnings and introducing simple tailoring and toned-down colours...
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