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Wine Diary: Storing and Serving by Nikhil Agarwal, All Things Nice
December 08, 2014

Wine Diary #1: Storing and Serving

Text by Nikhil Agarwal. Nihkil is a trained sommelier, with a Wine Australia scholarship. He launched All Things Nice and the first ever Indian Wine Consumers Choice Awards.

What's the right serving temperature for wine? Should you have a decanter? Sommelier Nikhil Agarwal demystifies the vino lifetsyle
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Nikhil Agarwal, All Things Nice, Wine Sommelier
July 05, 2014

Wine Sommelier: Nikhil Agarwal

Text by Kiran C Khanna

Innovative leaders. Inventive actors. Out-of-the box thinkers. Creative minds. These 10 men grab the spotlight…#5: Nikhil Agarwal
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