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Akbar Padamsee

Akbar Padamsee’s 1960 painting Greek Landscape

Although the overall sentiment towards contemporary works is low, a lot is expected out of them in the future
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Akbar Padamsee
May 10, 2016

Explore the works of a great modernist
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Samir Mondal In My Stylev 1
August 31, 2015

Check out this rare unveiling of the hidden art at Jamaat Art Gallery
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A Visual History of Modern Art, M F Husain, F N Souza, Raja Ravi Varma, Rabindranath Tagore, K H Ara, Akbar Padamsee, Jamini Roy

Check out the best of Indian artistic minds through their significant works at A Visual History of Modern Art
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Tushar Sethi, director, ICIA, The Arts Trust
January 23, 2015

Culture Crucible

Text by Simone Louis

Tushar Sethi, director, ICIA, The Arts Trust talks about his passion for art and his vision for the gallery
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India Art Festival, Nehru Centre, Mumbai
November 26, 2014

The fourth edition of the India Art Festival promises to refresh minds with a plethora of creations and invigorating interactions
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