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Abhishek Honawar

Naina Shah and Abhishek Honawar

While the bulk of big fat Indian celebrations rely heavily on over-the-top fanfare, the couple planned a quiet affair, completely choreographed by themselves
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year in food by abhishek honawar, woodside inn, inday
December 22, 2016

Abhishek Honawar’s Year In Food

Text and images by Abhishek Honawar

The New York and Mumbai-based restaurateur revisits his gastronomic escapades of 2016
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Woodside Inn

Twenty-six-year-old executive, Aditya Parikh, decided to set up a ‘Thursday Drinkathon’ with a few friends, where young people get together post-work at a common location (generally in the Mumbai downtown area) to grab a few cold ones. It is networking, unwinding and partying all rolled into one. A peek into two of the many London-esque pubs that have sprouted in Colaba
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