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Aatish Taseer

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What Makes These Men So Stylish?

Text by Shigorika Singh

We spotlight the style essentials of 10 sartorial men and decode the haute elements that make them cool
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Verve Storytellers: The Nominees

Text by Natasha Sahjwani

Know about the top 10 shortlisted reads for Verve Storytellers....
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Aatish Taseer, British-born writer-journalist, The Way Things Were
March 02, 2015

A Serious Man

Text by Shashi Baliga. Photographs by Amit Dey

Although he prefers to lead an austere literary life, Aatish Taseer was in the limelight last year for his TV show The Gentleman’s Code. With the release of The Way Things Were – his most political work yet – the intense author talks to Verve about issues of identity that recur in his writing
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Aatish Taseer, Author, Noon
October 17, 2011

A Life Less Ordinary

Text by Shashi Baliga. Photographs by Amit Dey

Aatish Taseer, author of the newly-released Noon; son of a slain politician, disciplined writer who once hit British tabloids with his royal connections, reveals his views on marriage, commitment, fatherhood and writing, to Verve
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