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September 15, 2016

Why Neil Nitin Mukesh Doesn’t Work Too Hard To Look Good

Text by Huzan Tata. Photographed by Subi Samuel. Styling by Isha Bhansali. For Neil: Make-Up By Vaseem Shaikh, Hair By Vikram Parmar. For Danish: Make-Up By Sharukh Shaikh, Hair By Shamshad. Model Courtesy: Danish Qayoum, Toabh Talents

The fashionable star talks to Verve about his reel- and real-life style quotient….

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Being simple, smart and stylish is my mantra. Simplicity is most important; if you try too hard then you just get the wrong attention. Taste is inborn; having the knack to match clothes and accessories comes naturally to some. And then there are a few who think that buying everything from one brand and wearing them all together looks nice.

My wardrobe essentials are a good pair of socks, definitely comfortable undergarments and denims, and a great fragrance.

The only things I really splurge on are accessories. I have a great watch collection…every once in a while I like to buy one. I don’t really like spending too much money on clothes because of my profession. I do many outfit changes every day and I have a lot of designer friends who help me style myself.

Palladium is a great mall. It has upscaled the entire locality. The Collective has a great selection of denims which I really like. Most of my gym wear is from Superdry.

I don’t think I ever de-stress, I am constantly thinking and am constantly stressed. The one thing that I have to do daily — irrespective of whatever time it is, however tired I am — is watch a movie. My favourite genre is animated films.

I don’t work too hard to look good. I used to be very conscious when I was a child, but I focused a lot on my craft, so when I did my first film people liked the way I performed. That gave me confidence. Personally, I think that everyone should be confident about the way they are because each one has that individual quality. So, no one should be compared to anybody else.

I think the ’60s and the ’70s were the most fashionable decades of the film industry. I have a lot of my grandfather’s accessories, from bow ties and pocket squares to vintage watches, Rolexes and glasses…now and then, I try and accessorise with these. Apart from my own grandfather and Raj Kapoor, I think Michael Jackson was really stylish. He got it right every time, he was the only person who could carry off bling on stage.

The only product I like for my hair is Clay because I think it gives a dry look but at the same time keeps it styled. For skin, if at all, I tend to use face wash, only from Kiehl’s. I have never done a facial.

I have varied looks in my films, from Johnny Gaddaar, New York and 7 Khoon Maaf to Lafangey Parindey, Jail, David, Wazir and Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo. My favourite was in David. The retro look with the moustache, glasses and the puffed-up hair…like I said, the ’60s and the ’70s were so stylish!

To have a grandfather like Mukeshji and a father like Nitin Mukesh, there is constant pressure to prove that you’re worthy of carrying their legacy forward. I have to be careful about how I portray myself publicly because my name is attached to their names and goodwill. I don’t want anything that I do to reflect badly on them. It’s my duty as a son to bring honour to my father’s name and to keep their memory alive.

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