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July 07, 2016

Power Trendsetter: Dr Savita

Text by Zaral Shah

For being the first woman to become director at the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun

With a PhD, MSc, MPhil and MBA under her belt, Dr Savita is the first woman — and perhaps one of the most qualified persons — to hold this post. She strongly believes that education is the sole way to ensure that our nation is able to make sustainable use of, and manage, our natural resources.

Words of caution: “Conservation and development of natural resources can only be achieved with the sensitive and active involvement of the end users, including people in general and forest-dependent communities. Therefore their sensitisation and awareness is of utmost importance.”

Reaping rewards: “The proudest moment of my life was when the then Forest Minister of the state, after seeing my performance in the field, declared in a public meeting that he wished that there were more women officers like me in the state as well as in the forestry sector.”

Intrepid innovator: “As the director of the prestigious Forest Research Institute, my priority is to undertake integrated research in areas which will benefit people in augmenting their livelihoods. Emphasis shall be laid on dynamic interaction with people and communities to understand their issues, come up with workable solutions through research and make these reach the people effectively.”

True power: “To me, it is an opportunity to effect change and manage issues as well as people to achieve a larger vision. Power has given me the freedom to perform my duties and responsibilities more effectively. It enables me to take decisions and implement them for the welfare and growth of human as well as material resources in the organisation which positively impact the environment we work in.”

Words of wisdom: “Always have faith in your capabilities, sincerity of purpose and positive attitude…new vistas for further growth will open up on their own.”

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