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July 07, 2016

Power Inheritors: Divya Suri and Deeksha Suri

Text by Huzan Tata

For aiming to put their hotel chain on the international map

For the Suri siblings, it was a given that they would follow in their father’s footsteps. But with patriarch Lalit Suri’s untimely death in 2006, his daughters had to take control of operations much earlier than anticipated. While Divya Suri handles the company’s legal matters, Deeksha Suri uses her business know-how to spearhead other departments, including human resources, revenue management and sales. The sisters, with their mother Jyotsna and brother Keshav, have propelled their business to much success, and aim to make it a globally recognised name in the coming years.

Sibling dynamics
Divya: “We’ve always been close to each other, and our jobs have only gotten us closer! If I need advice, I go to my husband or my mother, our CMD (chairman and managing director).”
Deeksha: “We were always thick as thieves. Growing up, we shared lots of laughs and great times together. That has not changed.”

Dealing with trials
Divya: “The greatest challenge was to stay true to our father’s vision and take care of the Lalit Group and its people. His values have been a pillar for us through our lives.”
Deeksha: “The expectations and the scrutiny are always tough to deal with. But over time, we’ve learnt how to cope with the pessimism prism.”

Life lessons
Divya: “Hard work, respect for individuals, and attention to detail are prime teachings from our parents. These are our company’s core values.”
Deeksha: “I have learnt to be calm in the face of adversity from my mother; and to be perseverant from my father.”

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