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October 18, 2016

Best Dressed 2016: Monica Dogra

Text & Interview by Saumya Sinha. Realisation by Divya Mahindra, Girish Masand, Shweta Navandar, Prateek Patel and Anuradha Gandhi. Photographs by Sheena Dabholkar. Make-Up by Cassandra Kehren. Hair by Sanah Kewal

For her boho-meets-vintage vibe

Singer, Actor; Mumbai

Default outfits
I have a pair of jean shorts I’ve owned for 20 years. They just get better with age. I’ve worn them in so many films that I’ve acted in.

Decisive or impulsive shopper
I’m impulsive and very fast. I don’t like to waste time. And I don’t think about a purchase for a long time. If I love it, I buy it! If it’s reasonable, of course.

Five essentials that you currently swear by
Adidas Original hidden wedge All Star classics, a woven thread choker, thigh-high black heeled boots, an accented loud and proud bomber jacket in a colour that pops. Mine is bright red from H&M Studio.

A secret shopping place in India
My girlfriends’ closets! I think trading wardrobes is the future if you always want something new but also want to be sustainable.

Picks from autumn/winter 2016
It’s all about earthy tones and nudes. Prints are not the focus but rather blended shades within the same colour family. Also, capes and jackets.

Wardrobe peek
Lots of vintage, 11.11 / eleven eleven, NorBlack NorWhite.

Sartorial and beauty hacks for fashion week
A T-shirt with thigh-high boots is always a win!

Style a sari
Contrasting blouses and vintage prints.

Trendsetting moment
I think people started paying attention to what I wear when I started styling myself for gigs.

Label love

Travel must-haves
Sunglasses — Ray-Ban or Persols. A Marc Jacobs sling bag in which everything fits.

Next, Divya Thakur.

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