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October 18, 2016

Best Dressed 2016: Meghna Bhalla

Text & Interview by Saumya Sinha. Realisation by Divya Mahindra, Girish Masand, Shweta Navandar, Prateek Patel and Anuradha Gandhi. Photograph by Pretika Menon

For her unique take on everyday dressing

Fashion stylist, Consultant; Bengaluru

Trends that shape your style
Normcore and minimalism.

A style tip you learnt from your mom
Tonal dressing — I actually learned this from my dad. When everyone else was wearing lots of colours, he cut through the clutter by keeping it simple and sharp. This has inspired me to such an extent that I’m always borrowing something or the other from his wardrobe.

Self-designed outfit
Most of my ensembles are self-designed in some way because even if I buy something, I alter it, change things around. My first styled outfit — which I was extremely embarrassed about — was a sari with pants when I was in college, and back then no one else was wearing anything like it. It happened to become a trend many years later.

Style trick
When I need to look a little bit sharper/smarter, I usually tuck in my shirt. That just looks more structured and creates an interesting silhouette.

Must-haves for every woman
A really good friend!

Definition of a perfect fit
I’m not really into anti-fit but prefer a relaxed fit.

Heirloom treasures
My mother’s old silver hair combs studded with rubies and diamonds.

Style a sari
I would wear it the way it is meant to be worn. Traditionally, with a nice blouse, normal drape and a proper petticoat — no jacket, belt or pants! I do like my sari worn higher than the usual length so it falls slightly above my ankle and I’m able to wear my Kolhapuri chappals with it.

Essentials for a stylist
Clamps and safety pins! And all those things that we’ve been buying and hoarding for years, thinking it will come handy someday.

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