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May 22, 2018

Type Cast: Meroo Seth

Text by Tina Dastur

In a world where we are so used to looking at words on a screen, typography enters a new dimension. Meroo Seth discloses her trade secrets and initiates you into the world of lettering and typeface

Meroo Seth

“I have been fascinated by cursive handwriting since my school days,” says Meroo Seth, an illustration and graphic design graduate from the MIT Institute of Design, Pune, adding, “In design school, we had in-depth training in the basics of typography and its history, and that’s what got me interested in letterforms. And since I love illustrating, I just found a way to merge type with my illustrations.” Although she has a soft spot for working with ink, the 27-year-old predominantly works on Adobe Illustrator with the help of her trusty Wacom pen. “I like to create a busy illustrative type embellished with simplified stylised forms and elements. I allow each letter to reflect its own character,” says the Pune-based designer. Seth has collaborated with a number of brands from BBC, Google and Snapchat to Chumbak and Budweiser, but her favourite collaboration was the one where she teamed up with Glow Smoothies, Egypt, where she, along with graphic designer Nachiket Jadhav, worked on branding and packaging. As for the work she’d like to do going forward — “I would love to be part of typography installations where real objects are combined to look like a word, and at the same time, are also emotive of the word itself.”

Top Picks
Brands you’d love to collaborate with…Adobe and Airbnb

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Preferred design tools…Wacom Intuos

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