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May 25, 2018

Type Cast: Kriti Monga

Text by Tina Dastur

When her hand-lettering gained people’s attention, Kriti Monga set up Turmeric Design, where she gets to spend her days surrounded by stationery and music

Kriti Monga

It all started for her when she attended typography classes at her alma mater NID, where her professor Mahendra Patel “brought letters to life”. “The nerdy side of me loved the history, rigour and depth of type, and the artsy side of me made firm friends with letters,” says Kriti Monga of the beginnings of her love for lettering. Though she became a graphic designer soon after, her passion never diminished, and it both surprised and thrilled her when her hand-lettering gained people’s attention. She set up her own practice — Turmeric Design — a few years ago. “I get to spend my days surrounded by stationery and music, bringing meaning and joy to other people; I share it and pass it to all my students and I am a part of their journey, like my seniors were for me. Those who don’t work in the field won’t understand the pain and pleasure of spending nights tweaking Bézier curves, adjusting the tiniest nuances of typography, or agonising over the form and relevance of a logo or redrawing minute details just right. It’s what we design people secretly live for.” Currently working on a book and a series of murals, Monga hopes to come out with a zine or an exhibit soon. “Lettering and illustration have become signature things people associate with me, but I’ve actually spent very little time being able to really explore them. I’m curious to see where this goes, and I am looking forward to the year ahead,” she concludes.

Top Picks
Brands or people you’d love to collaborate with…Off the top of my head, they would be Airbnb, Google, Neil Gaiman, Christopher Nolan and Mira Nair

Favourite design tools…2B pencil, 0.1mm pigment liner, sketchbook

Type artists whose work you enjoy…Seb Lester, Luca Barcellona, Marian Bantjes, Erik Marinovich, Maximiliano Sproviero, Gemma O’Brien and Khyati Trehan

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