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May 12, 2020

This Is My Normal: Shruti Ganguly, Oslo

In our new series, we are sharing a day in the life of people experiencing the pandemic in different parts of the world. Filmmaker Shruti Ganguly takes us through hers.

Filmmaker Shruti Ganguly is with her family in Oslo, Norway, where the lockdown has been lifted, schools have reopened and movement has resumed. Her days are spent indulging in a healthy dose of outdoor activity — skiing, hiking and walking — as well as staying in with plenty of wine, dal and family stories.

Our nephews Leopold and Memi dip their feet in cold spring water by the family cabin at Jeppedalen. 

 I had to get on a call with a production company in LA, whilst on a walk in Vigeland Park with my friend Theresa. She took this picture.

Henrik, my husband, and I did the #DalChallenge, which is something my brother started, while in quarantine in Madrid. We made TWO dals. 

We’ve been drinking a lot of wine! YOLO.

My father-in-law Mogens Mathiesen narrates the story of one of the paintings in the cabin.

Well, now I need to cross-country ski as part of my Norwegian family initiation.

The spring flowers are out.

A hike in Jeppedalen, which is the family’s forest north of Oslo.

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