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May 20, 2020

This Is My Normal: Matteo Menotto, Milan

In our new series, we are sharing a day in the life of people experiencing the pandemic in different parts of the world. Designer Matteo Menotto takes us through his.

Prints and textile designer Matteo Menotto, is currently in Milan, Italy, where the government has started easing lockdown restrictions and a few shops, restaurants and museums have reopened for the first time in two months. Churches are resuming Mass, but there is strict social distancing and worshippers must wear face masks. But there is some measure of joy to be found: this is the first time that people have been able to return to churches in ten weeks. Keeping positive and busy, Matteo shares his daily routine, sources of inspiration, and moments of delight and relaxation.

8:30 am – Ready to start my day with a big cup of coffee and a slice of homemade banana bread. Delicious!

9 am – I pick up some books for inspiration.

9:30 am – Work starts! My smart work position is quite comfortable, but there are loads of emails to swim through.

Sketches by Lele Acquarone, a famous Vogue Italia illustrator. Love her work!

1 pm – Lunchbreak. My dish of the day? Italian bolognese ragù. I’ve definitely improved my cooking skills during quarantine.

2 pm – Well, we haven’t been able to go further than 200m from home until now, but this picture perfectly synthesizes how beautiful my city is, even when it’s forced to be empty.

2:30 pm – I feel so lucky to have a terrace where I can relax outdoors during the lockdown.

This book named Garden of Eden includes some masterpieces of botanical illustration.

3 pm – Back to work at my drawing desk. Getting inspiration for print designs.

Need some advice about colouring? Just have a look at this book by Yves Saint Laurent. I simply “love” it.

7 pm – Need a break! Some workout and sofa time.

A book about the art of wallpaper design.

My days end watching a Miyazaki cartoon in good company.

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