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May 14, 2020

This Is My Normal: Khyati Trehan, Munich

In our new series, we are sharing a day in the life of people experiencing the pandemic in different parts of the world. Designer Khyati Trehan takes us through hers.

Designer Khyati Trehan is currently in Munich, Germany, where the government has started to ease restrictions, open schools and shops, however social distancing rules apply. Khyati is keeping her spirits up by chasing light, making snacks, playing around with AR, and staying connected with her sister and childhood friends.

The sun: nature’s alarm clock.

My sister Kavya has added ‘Khyati’s personal yoga instructor’ to her long list of talents.

All the light we cannot see. Anthony Doerr.

Sweet potato fries with seaweed is snack goals.

Teaching myself to augment reality. Here’s a fun 3d animated filter for Instagram.

Personal work/play is my key to staying sane.

Munich’s a gate to nature and this sunset is eye candy.

Virtual birthday celebration with friends I’ve known since we were three.

Keeping spirits up with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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