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December 27, 2017

The Sound Of Success: Meet Indian-Brit Singer-Songwriter RIKA

Text by Zaral Shah

All set to release a new song in January, pop sensation Chandrika Darbari popularly known as Rika, is riding high on the popularity of her chart-topping single No Need

Not many 17-year-olds can boast about having a single topping the charts in Britain. Having also been featured on BBC Radio’s Top 10, Chandrika Darbari is known to the music world as Rika — and her dance pop solo No Need struck a chord for its hummable tune.

The singer-songwriter, born to a Serbian mother and an Indian father, grew up in north-west London. “My journey with music really started when I was still in school, when I got involved in musicals and performances. And I realised that performing is where my heart lies.” She prefers to write her songs and aims to pen relatable lyrics with a message that would enable her to create a deeper connection with her audience. “I feel like there’s a lack of depth and human connection in the industry at the moment,” shares Rika.

Shopping, reading, pampering herself with a face mask and watching her favourite TV shows are what the singer-songwriter likes to indulge in when not recording. But, though she is someone who loves fashion and luxury, she harbours a penchant for the simple things in life as well. Rika says, “You can find luxury in everyday things — like salt baths and good manicures!” All set to release her new single in January, she admires — and aspires to be — like Mariah Carey whose voice, she feels is ‘like that of an angel’. She believes, “When she was in her prime, she was one of the standout artistes of our generation. She wrote her own music and had an incomparable stage presence.”

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