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July 12, 2008

The Lightness Of Being

Text by Eva Pavithran

Four Mumbai women with success stories of their own. When they’re not busy walking the ramp, fitting clothes, designing ensembles or helping celebrities tone up, they too take time off to luxuriate in their selves. Verve unfolds the pampering rituals of the über elite

Deanne Panday, Fitness Expert
Sheer indulgence Retail therapy and a rejuvenating spa pedicure. “I am a fitness addict so adventurous holidays are one of my favourite ways of spoiling myself silly.” Yoga also forms an integral part of her relaxing routine.

Comfort clothing “I am happy with loose cotton wear. At home I’m always in my ganjis and soft skirts that don’t cling onto my skin. I am happy to live in my Diesel denims as well.”

Unwinding rites Watching a good English film over a steaming cup of healthy green tea.

Soft notes Anything other than rave or hard rock works fine for the well-being expert who “enjoys soft soothing music” and “can listen to Kenny G all-day long”.

Magic potions The health enthusiast confesses that she has been a fan of Clarins products for the longest time. The brand’s Beauty Flash Balm and Rejuvenating Facewash are somethings you’ll find if you raid her beauty kit.

Hot spas and dream massages Bliss at New York. “There’s nothing to beat the Japanese Cigar Spine massage. The masseurs light up the cigars and you can feel the heat on your back, but they’re careful enough not to burn you. It opens up your spine and it’s an exhilarating experience.”

Splurge trail Binge shopping for Brazilian workout and sports gear. “I go crazy shopping for fitness clothes from Bia Brazil. I am always in them, courtesy my profession. I never tire of buying gym bags, shoes and have a fetish for Tag Heuer and Rolex timepieces.”

Sangita Kathiwada, Proprietor of Mélange
Sheer indulgence To sink into her private indoor pool in complete darkness! “It’s paramount when it comes to self-pampering. Aromatherapy candles and Zen music complete the experience. Simply blissful.”

Comfort clothing She finds soft apparels a must-have for lounging at home. Sangita cannot do without the 400 count butter khadi clothes that she designs for the store.

Unwinding rites Sufi whirling for 40 minutes and then sitting in silence.

Soft notes Music from the world of Osho; reviving and refreshing.

Magic potions The organic oils from Revive, Cowshed and Eminence. “For my hair there is nothing better than Aveda. Besides the superior quality of the product, its fragrance transports you into another zone altogether.”

Hot spas and dream massages Enchantment in Sedona, USA is the “best spa in the world” and Four Seasons in Ubud, Indonesia gets the close second position. A Thai massage is her way to pampering heaven.

Splurge trail “My biggest investment on myself will be my very own personal spa at home with a kilim clad massage room, pink marble steam chamber and a 10×10 indoor swimming pool.”

Pria Kataria Puri, Fashion Designer
Sheer indulgence A spa getaway for one or two weeks by the mountains or the lake at least three or four times a year is the talented designer’s way of mollycoddling herself and her family. Enjoying the tranquillity of the moving waters and the beauty of the mountainous landscape is also high on her pampering agenda. “A dip in the lake feels more amazing than any spa treatment ever.”

Unwinding rites On her massage chair with her iPod or by just “cuddling up on the sofa with the kids reading or watching a comedy series”. Taking long walks by the beach is also one of her favourite break-time activities, especially at her San Francisco abode.

Comfort clothing You’re most likely to find Pria in cashmere and Pashmina wraps at home. Sports wear from Chanel and Juicy Couture and her own line of lounge wear kaftans.

Soft notes “A cocktail of sounds” depending on her mood, the designer loves tuning into jazz, opera, lounge Asian mix and old Hindi classics.

Magic potions Body wraps and scrubs with dewberry oils, coffee and conversation with girlfriends, Sisley’s skincare products and pure sweet almond oil from Iran.

Hot spas and dream massages The Givenchy Spa at Le Mirador Kepinski, Geneva, Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska and Banyan Tree, Wild Flower Hall, Shimla. “I absolutely love Swedish massages. It’s my vice.”

Splurge trail “I spend the most on action-packed outdoor holidays, which is necessary for me to relax and slow down. Luckily my husband and I are both on the same page when it comes to our travel plans.”

Aditi Govitrikar, Model
Sheer indulgence “A heavenly deep tissue massage. It’s calming and revitalising at the same time. I treat myself to massages at least twice a month if not more. I deserve that because of my hectic schedules.”

Comfort clothing When it comes to hanging around at home, the hot mommy prefers anything that is soft and silky.

 Unwinding rites Catching up with friends over a movie or dinner or listening to music.

Soft notes Instrumental music which she finds “enlivening and soothing”.

Magic potions La Prairie Cellular Night Cream. Vichy Sunscreen and a luxurious facemask at Kaya Skin Clinic.

Hot spas and dream massages Quan Spa at JW Marriott, Mumbai. For Aditi, ambience plays an important part in her chilling down process; so she loves the Thai Massage Centre at Bangkok because the reception area itself had a “calming effect” on her.

Splurge trail “On a recent holiday to Kerala, I gifted myself daily massages at the Taj through the seven-day trip.”

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