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January 18, 2018

The Fresh List 2018: Utsav Batra

Text by Zaral Shah

Known for running several start-ups, Utsav Batra now plans to establish a language school in Gurugram

Running several start-ups has got to be a great experience, and Delhi-based Utsav Batra can attest to it. From an online store dedicated to car and bike merchandise and one focused on selling customised licence plates for automobiles, to Bob’s, a dessert parlour, his journey has been a fascinating one. He intends to establish a language school in Gurugram on par with international schools.

You, in three words: diligent, passionate, nerdy.

Your interest in food comes from…my mom and dad, who are both brilliant home chefs, and have been very consistent in churning out delicious recipes. Be it our Indian gravies or Italian pasta, they have aced it all with their brilliant combinations of spices. So, the interest and dedication to present trendsetting food runs in my genes.

You were motivated to enter the food industry because…of a visit to Pranksters in Gurugram where I saw Chef Harangad Singh create one of the best dishes I have tasted in the longest time — Think Tank Masala with Jodhpuri paratha. It inspired me to take this step.

On your bucket list is…driving a supercar, a Ferrari F40, to be precise, at the Monaco track. Another desire is to travel and shoot the Northern Lights in Iceland during the fall and to have pizza at Pepe in Grani, Italy.

On working towards establishing Gurugram’s first language school: there is a dearth of such teaching schools in India. We would like to get quality teachers from across the country with an expertise in many different languages on board.

Favourite travel destinations are…Patagonia, Eastern Europe, Iceland, Norway and New England.

On your playlist we’d find…a mix of Tool, G-Eazy, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, DeadMau5 and Dream Theatre.

On the year that was: I made the most of it.

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