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January 17, 2018

The Fresh List 2018: Trisha Shetty

Text by Zaral Shah

Trisha Shetty is known for empowering women and aiming to end gender-based discrimination with her not-for-profit organisation SheSays

A lawyer by profession and the co-founder of the online portal SheSays, Trisha Shetty has been widely recognised and applauded for her work. She was always inclined towards launching a youth-led and youth-centric organisation that addresses multiple gender-based issues. The social activist, who hails from Mumbai, and her team of young members believe in being need-driven and not cause-driven.

You, in three words: social activist, resilient and optimistic.

Your driving force is…the resilience that I see in survivors; in the women and young people, who go through unacceptable discrimination, abuse and harassment. But it is not the trauma that breaks their spirit, it’s the fact that the people they expected support from let them down that destroys them emotionally.

Passions outside of your work are…travelling, listening to stories and meeting activists.

Success is…when the work you’re doing is serving local communities and will also result in sustainable change.

Inspirations and icons are…Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Christine Lagarde. Barack Obama’s brand of leadership is something we should all aspire towards.

On your bucket list…there were some wishes that have come true — meeting the former US president Barack Obama; going skydiving. I would also like to see the tax on sanitary napkins drop in India.

Your life’s motto is…to stand up for human rights. To be acutely aware of the discrimination and abuse that the people around you are facing, and speak up against it.

A dream come true would be…having an organisation like SheSays shutting shop. It would be not needing an organisation like ours any more because gender equality will have become a reality.

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