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January 11, 2018

The Fresh List 2018: Avanti Nagral

Text by Zaral Shah

Avanti Nagral seamlessly combines multiple genres in her music to create a modern pop-soul sound

Her debut single, I Like, released in June last year and was accompanied by South Asia’s first virtual-reality music video. No matter how diverse the genres — Indian classical, Broadway, church/gospel and devotional — Avanti Nagral, who calls both Mumbai and Boston her homes — brings different notes of the world together with flair. Recognising that she has the platform to effect change, her work is most often motivated by both purpose and passion.

You, in three words: ambitious, creative and kind.

Theatre or music: theatre taught me so much about myself. At the end of the day, in whatever industry we belong, we are all storytellers, and I am grateful to have been exposed to both creative forms that helped expand my horizons.

On what I Like is about: it is a song about following your dreams and your passions, and really doing what you like, despite what the world may say. It’s a self-love song about really being who you are.

Shooting the video in virtual reality…was truly an experience that I will never forget. I wanted the concept for the video to be something different, immersive, pioneering, and one that represented the message of the song.

On her philanthropic endeavours: I have had many bouts of ill health throughout my life, but have been fortunate enough to have had access to proper care. Not everyone has the same facilities. I am very passionate about global healthcare, development and empowerment (especially related to women and the youth), for I truly believe health is the basic unit of productivity, and that the youth are the voices of tomorrow.

Wardrobe essentials are…A-line dresses, stylish (but comfortable) colour-blocked shoes and a really versatile jacket.

When not at work, you are…spending time with the people I love, meeting new people, going on adventures, experimenting with food, biking, reading, or just sleeping.

On your bucket list is…expanding my repertoire and learning to sing songs in 100 languages.

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