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January 22, 2018

The Fresh List 2018: Angad Daryani

Text by Zaral Shah

Currently pursuing electrical engineering, Angad Daryani is known for inventing the low-cost, robust SharkBot 3D printer

The Mumbai-born boy has worked with REDx Innovation Club, an MIT Media Lab; Tree Labs at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay; and M5 Makerspace at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Angad Daryani is probably one the few who can boast having interns and employees twice his age working at his start-up. A four-time TEDx speaker, he is currently pursuing electrical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Your driving force in life is…realising that something I build can positively impact the lives of millions of people.

Your life motto is: you’re here for a reason. Realise that reason and make sure you fulfil that before you die. Everything around you was built by people just like you, so the world is your oyster, go ahead and shape it the way you want.

Success is…a checkbox on the list of things we need to work towards in life. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we learn. It’s always a win-win situation.

In five years, you aim to be…working towards solving large-scale problems for developing countries like India, through social entrepreneurship.

Wardrobe essentials include…jeans or pants, T-shirts, polos and shirts, sneakers, and a handkerchief — why don’t people carry handkerchiefs anymore?

In 2018, you want to…be better and fitter — you’re never fit enough. I want to work harder towards the right things and try to spend a lot more time with family.

Passions other than your work are…bringing about a change in the education system, sailing, football, music, art and fitness.

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