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January 09, 2018

The Fresh List 2018: Aakash Mehta

Text by Zaral Shah

Comedian Aakash Mehta’s punchlines are sure to catch your attention and tickle your funny bone

He loves the idea of developing comedy and, with his event production company Lasoon Live, gives other performers stage time too. Comedian Aakash Mehta, aka KuchBhiMehta, is a lawyer by profession and a musician at heart. Born and brought up in the financial capital of India, the fact that he’s making people laugh for a living is something that is still sinking in.

Your first turn on stage was…unrealistic. It was at Sophia College, for their inter-collegiate festival, Kaleidoscope, a few years ago. Colleges are like ego massages for comedians, because the students are so enthusiastic and positive. My first turn on stage gave me that push towards pursuing it as a full-time career.

Your 4 a.m. friend is…me, meri tanhaai and the internet!

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram, because it helped me at a very critical point in my life. Twitter is rapid; the backlashes are quick, hostile and merciless. Instagram, in my experience, is a lot more supportive.

On your bucket list is…to do 15 comedy specials, write five movies and three books. I want to leave a universe of things behind, so that you can scroll through and discover me in a corner of the internet.

On the year that was: it was just a set-up — 2018 can be the punchline.

Your New Year resolution is…for this year to be better than the last. I think New Year resolutions are a scam invented by gyms, but personally I want to get better this year.

On your bookshelf is…mainly non-fiction. Game of Thrones, many physics books, some Isaac Asimov and other science fiction — and my matchbox collection!

If you could have any job for a day…I’d be an RJ. It’s the one job I’ve always wanted but could never have. And I’d like to have the midnight to 3 a.m. slot. While I was growing up, I had insomnia and used to listen to the radio at night. Me wanting the late-night slot has nothing to do with its content — it’s just that I want to give people the feeling that they’re not alone. I’m there — whatever your shift is — I’m here!

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