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February 16, 2018

The Art of Slow: Rahul de Cunha

Text by Saumya Sinha

Verve speaks to creative entrepreneurs who’ve found a home away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle in the slow-paced state of Goa. Meet wedding photographer Rahul de Cunha

Rahul de Cunha
Wedding Photographer

Rahul de Cunha specialises in candid photography and is all about discovering fresh creative ideas for his wedding photography. He, along with his wife Deepa De Sa, runs their photography and design company, Tree Media and Extensions, in Goa and often caters to clients abroad.

Life in Mumbai was fast-paced. We wanted to spend our hard-earned money and precious daytime hours in a place where we felt at peace and at home. We also wanted a better quality of life for our family. Our elder daughter was born in Goa five months after we shifted. My wife and business partner is from Goa so we have family here as well.

We work just as hard as we did in Mumbai, maybe even harder but we do it without wasting time in traffic, without the excessive noise and pollution. Long drives to work meetings now include refreshing landscapes. We dress more casually. We love that we know the people who help us in our daily lives — our doctor, fruit seller, grocer, garbage man, electrician, painter and plumber….

The gentle, slow-paced life in Goa has given me more time to spend with the four most important girls in my life — my wife, my two little girls and my dog.

Living close to nature definitely inspires my work. A lot of our shoots happen on the amazing beaches, a lush green paddy field or at the many scenic settings that dot the length and breadth of Goa.

What we miss most about the metropolis are our friends and family. We do not miss the party scene, the artificial networking, the smell of cigarette smoke and car fumes.

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