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January 12, 2018

Sushmita Sen On Zoya’s Latest Store And Her Everlasting Love For Jewels

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena

We caught up with the ex-Miss Universe at the launch of the luxury jewellery brand’s latest boutique at Palladium, Mumbai

What would the Sushmita Sen of today tell the Sushmita Sen of 1994?
“Well done, kid. What you did overnight, I have practised it for a lifetime.”

Success to you is….
“It’s a very personal growing, every moment of my life; it’s something that’s not dictated by other people’s graphs, just my own!”

You have been a trendsetter in many ways. By and large, what would you say, prompted your choices?
“‘If you don’t try, you will never know,’ were my mother’s words that pushed me to do my best in every aspect of life. You have to give life a shot. Today, I am blessed and have the privilege of bringing up two wonderful girls who are my life and soul. Everyone around me – especially my parents – has been very supportive and made this journey a wonderful and fulfilling one.”

How would you define your personal taste in jewellery?
“Less is more. I like to not dress up like a Christmas tree, but when I wear a piece it has to be a statement one. It has to be delicate and strong – like a woman.”

Your favourite piece of jewellery….
“I always prefer wearing minimal jewellery. My favourite piece is a 22 karat diamond ring.”

I love wearing jewellery which…
“I wear, it doesn’t wear me.”

Tell us something about your association with Zoya…
“I am super excited to be launching Zoya’s second edition in Mumbai. I wasn’t a part of their first store but I’d have liked to have been, because Zoya’s sensibilities, its taste; its classic-ness is beautifully symbolic of the person I am. It’s wonderful to be here for the second boutique that they are opening at Palladium. I am very excited to be here and have the honour to launch it.”

The hallmarks of Zoya’s collections are….
“It is a trusted brand – it’s Tata. As Indians, we always look at the Tatas with great respect and for good reason. The craftsmanship too, is very delicate. It’s beautifully envisaged. It takes into consideration the international and national history, prestige, and finds inspiration in everything from Paris to Kashmir!”

If you were to pick a standout piece from Zoya you would choose….
“Their newest collection – based on and inspired by Kashmir. The chinar necklace is lovely. They have a beautiful bracelet inspired by the Eiffel Tower. Both are spectacular. But what I am wearing is my love for emeralds and diamonds –a pair of earrings which is quite stunning.”

Beauty, according to you is….
“Lots of little things. But mainly, keeping it simple. Being beautiful is about being innately happy. You have to evolve, grow and accept everything about yourself — the good, the bad and the ugly. The new lines that show up on your face…to accept it all knowing that beauty has to be deeper than that. So, my beauty mantra is to stay happy and live a fulfilling life.”

Have you always been a free-spirited, individualistic thinker?
“There’s no other kind I’d rather be! Your DNA is different from everyone in this world. There’s a reason for that. You’re born to be unique. If you become one of the herd, you’ll be lost.”

What is the most important life lesson you would impart to your daughters?
“Be true to yourself. It’s an often repeated statement, but it’s very easy to become someone else because that’s how the world perceives us. The greatest success you can ever have is to be yourself.”

Would you say that grooming and the packaging of one’s personality has become more important in recent times?
“No, it was always important. People are only realising it now.”

We would love to see more of you; what’s next in the pipeline?
“I’m reading two scripts and doing an action film.”

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