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February 26, 2016

Streaming Success: Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

Text by Zaral Shah

The founder and CEO of Joyus talks about her start-up and the early challenges she faced

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, 45
Atherton, California — Founder and CEO, Joyus

The Company
A team of professional shoppers, stylists, make-up artists and nutritionists who are dedicated to finding the best products, services and tips for you.

First day at work
“I was at the World Financial Center in New York City when I moved from Canada to work on the Wall Street for Merrill Lynch. All I can remember is feeling so lucky and grateful to be there.”

Early challenges
“The biggest challenge in launching Joyus was being ahead of the market, timing-wise. Being the first of our kind, we had to figure out how to both build something pretty complex, and make it simple and intuitive for users.”

On reaching new heights
“I don’t believe we’ve achieved success yet. Truly great companies take a lot longer to build that technology, news headlines would suggest. My success mantra is knowing my trademark strength — the one or two things at which I truly excel. The other key thing I believe you need is to be willing to work harder than anyone else to be truly great at anything.”

“My father — his life’s purpose and passion are completely aligned and he made everyone around him, myself included, feel extraordinary and completely accepted. That is truly an incredible gift to have as a leader of any kind.”

On switching off
“I am thinking all the time as opposed to working all the time. I do work very hard, but I also have a great deal of flexibility in how and when and where I work as a founder of my own company. But my mind is never at rest; it is always racing and I find it hard to mentally switch off.”

Travel diary
“I love Lake Tahoe and we visit it every summer. We love spending time on the water — whether paddleboarding or water skiing. There is also access to so much great hiking, biking, and skiing in the winter. It’s a great feeling to have gotten away from it all — even if it is just for the weekend.”

Enlightened by the experience
“Entrepreneurship has taught me more patience and persistence than I ever thought I needed, or had.”

Looking back
“I wish I could truly enjoy the great moments, in the moment. I’m always thinking about the next part of the journey without stopping to fully enjoy and appreciate the current chapter.”

In the pipeline
“I’m currently working on The Boardlist which is my newest project focussed on accelerating gender diversity in technology by putting women in the boardrooms of private technology companies.”

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