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October 30, 2017

What Makes Rahul Khanna Such A Charismatic Man?

Text by Zaral Shah. Photographs by Subi Samuel. Styling by Shweta Navandar. Hair and make-up by Mona Anand, BBlunt

From his stints on the big screen and his recent dynamic presence on social media, there’s no denying that the actor sports many hats with great panache

“Style is an expression of one’s personality. When a person has principles and he sticks to them — knowing what he likes and what he wants to express — that makes a person stylish. My personal style is classic and unfussy. I like simplicity and cleanliness — everything has to be nice and simple.”

“To have a sense of style one must have a point of view. Not everyone has one and not everyone wants to express it!”

“So many great people are associated with style — like fashion designers. I’ve always maintained a view that looking good or dressing well is a form of good manners. It’s a way of presenting yourself to the world that also shows that you respect the environment and the people around you, and yourself. It’s a form of self-respect and is as much about how you look as it is about how you feel.”

“I don’t believe in rules — you must do this, you must have this. It’s different for everyone. Essentials in my wardrobe are staples like well-ironed white button-down shirts — I’ll never have enough of them — great T-shirts — which I have a lot of, good-quality underwear, socks, a good pair of black and brown lace-up shoes, a navy blazer with a pair of navy jeans and one tux. If you gave me all those things, I would be perfectly fine. I don’t need anything else. And it’s not so much of how much you have, as it is about what brings you a lot of joy. I personally don’t like having a lot of stuff that doesn’t bring me joy. I’d rather have less stuff that really makes me happy.”

“I buy a lot of plain grey T-shirts. My friends think I wear the same grey t-shirt every day, but I have many.”

“The theme ‘less is more’ would be the best style advice that I’ve inherited. Someone who I really look up to is my maternal grandfather. He didn’t have a lot of stuff, but everything he had, he really loved and took care of — everything was in beautiful condition.”

“I can’t think of a big recent splurge, but something that was a little indulgent was this bag that I’ve had for nearly a decade, I have a friend who does monograms and she hand-painted my initials on it, so that gave the bag a new lease of life. It was painstakingly done, and she took over a week to do it.”

“If I had to design a clothing line today, I’d love to do one that comprises excellent basics. You can find fancy things, but it’s difficult to find that one perfect white shirt, a linen pocket square — a white, plain linen pocket square.”

“As an actor, you have very little control over what you do. Unless you also produce, you’re sort of dependent on what’s offered to you, and you need to go with what resonates with you personally, or what you feel is the right choice at the time. So yes, the roles I played were always picked from what came my way, and what I felt resonated with me.”

“Social media is a fantastic way of connecting with people who are interested in me. Earlier, there was no direct connection. If anyone was interested in someone, how would they access the person they were interested in? This is a great way to directly connect, it’s all about connecting.”

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