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January 21, 2016

Verve Wedding Diaries #35: Why Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta Will Be Your Fairy Godmother

Text by Simone Louis

This shutter elf will make sure you remember your wedding day in the dreamiest way possible

Shutter Elf
Who: Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta
From: The Cheesecake Project

She’s been in a relationship with her camera for almost a decade now, and it’s one that she doesn’t plan on abandoning any time soon. “I’ve always had this urgent need to preserve visuals that affect me deeply; times and places I want to go back to….” she muses. Having graduated as a media student and worked as a professional in fields like advertising, digital media and television, Dasgupta founded The Cheesecake Project after deciding to take her camera to a wedding that her friend was attending. “The thought of photographing someone I didn’t know — that too on an extremely important day in their life — was both exciting and challenging because, even though it wasn’t an assignment, the pictures would be memories for life. Thankfully, the bride liked the photographs and, thereafter, assignments just started pouring in!”

The vibrant, impish photographer — who believes that “if there’s a story, the light will follow” — is known for capturing candid moments that perfectly reflect the personality of the subject and the mood of the moment. She swears by the growing trend of pre-wedding and ‘save the date’ shoots because they are great icebreakers and challenge her creatively. “By the time we get to the big day, it’s almost like a friend’s wedding,” she says. “I can judge what they will and won’t be comfortable with, how they will behave and when they will smile!”

Trend Talk
Candid editorial pictures: “Everyone wants those really gorgeous ethereal snapshots because, well, everyone wants to remember that day in the dreamiest way possible.”

Photo booths and fun props: “They’ve been around for a while but I don’t see them going away soon. They’re fun and get all the guests involved.”

Pre-wedding shoots: “This is when partners open up; they are more comfortable without prying eyes and nosy relatives around!”

Honeymoon photography: “Couples are taking photographers along to picturesque locations. By dedicating the last one or two days of a honeymoon to this, you ensure stunning shots that would surpass those taken with a selfie stick any day!”

Wedding hashtags: “I love this trend; so long as it doesn’t interfere with the photographer’s work. I usually try to email pictures on the same night as the event so that the newly-weds can put them up on social media.”

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