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May 17, 2017

Stepping Into Urban Sanctuaries: Nappa Dori

Text by Zaral Shah

Discover the meticulous minimalism behind the studio’s naturally lit atelier…

Born in 2010, simplicity in thought and action are the essence of leather goods brand Nappa Dori. Founder Gautam Sinha’s label comprises handcrafted pieces that are a melange of various materials, and craftsmanship. While music and coffee are office essentials that keep him going, where the NIFT graduate in fashion design really finds inspiration are flea markets all over the world.

What would we find on your desk?
The usual suspects — my laptop, a cup of coffee, sketch pads and lots of stationery.

What’s a typical day at the studio like?
Mornings start with a cup of coffee, answering mails, reviewing all the new prototypes being made and then comes the daily hustle of a workday where many more cups of coffee are consumed. It usually ends with a game of table tennis with the team.

Things you cannot do without?
Music. The atmosphere is very important, and I think music makes things better in every context. Another necessity is coffee. I cannot do without my coffee machine. I’m an addict, and can end up having five to six cups a day.

What drew you to this particular location and space?
Like all other things in the world, money constraints!

What did you have in mind while designing the space?
One thing that was critical is natural light, it’s a mood lifter. Our studio is very nicely lit. I hate dingy places.

Your favourite corner?
My broken-down lounge chair where I take some time off once a day to get my Instagram and social media fix.

Go-to designer?
Thomas Heatherwick — who is more of an installation artist — his work has always fascinated and inspired me.

Places you love?
I love flea markets. I feel like there is so much you see there, so much history is collected in the form of objects. I love walking and exploring bazaars around the world. It’s the one thing I cannot miss out on when I travel.

What are your plans for the future?
Lots of interesting things are lined up for 2017, one being the launch of Cafe Dori — which will be part of our large-format stores. We are also keen on building on customer experience and to take a more holistic approach to retail.

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