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May 17, 2017

Stepping Into Urban Sanctuaries: Claymen

Text by Saumya Sinha. Images by Aman Khanna and Dolly Haorambam

Discover the whimsical hideout with its earthy tones…

Sculptor-graphic artist-illustrator Aman Khanna celebrates the common man and finds inspiration in the lives of day labourers for his miniature sculptures. The London College of Communication graduate is known for the quirky characters drawn from his imagination. Since his work finds him utilising both his office — where he visualises graphics, and home — where he glazes and sculpts, both places have been designed to create a serene and comfortable ambience, complementing the organic nature of his products.

What will we find on your desk?
Apart from the usual suspects like pens, pencils, books and a computer, there are some carefully collected and selected objects and some of my own clay pieces. It also houses my first ever sculptures, reassembled after breaking into many pieces.

Things you can’t do without?
Tools of the trade, of course; music is a must too, a lot of sunlight, and a calm and peaceful vibe.

What did you have in mind while designing the studio?
Since we have limited space, I wanted to use it in the best possible way. I knew what I wanted in terms of shelving and interiors. My friend, architect Saurabh Dakshini, and I worked on several arrangements before deciding on the final one, which I altered a bit in the end to best suit my needs. He helped me a lot in choosing the right materials and gave me inputs on the structure, especially for the Claymen gallery facade. For the interiors, I edited out a lot of things in the end to make it what it is.

Your favourite corner?
Where I sit, next to a window that overlooks Hauz Khas Village lake and a lot of trees. I live in the hustle and bustle of Delhi, therefore it was very crucial for me to have my own private space that will inspire me every day.

Go-to designers?
There is too much design everywhere, I like it when things are cleverly rescued and reused to create something new; the result is calm, comforting and has a certain finesse. Most importantly, I love products that depict the personality of its creator, making them true investments. In terms of fashion, I like brands such as Folk Clothing, Toogood and Feit!

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