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March 03, 2016

Streaming Success: Sonia Jain Kapadia

Text by Zaral Shah

The founder and CEO of Taste Savant on being a young leader and the challenges she faces

Sonia Jain Kapadia, 34
New York — Angel Investor; Founder and CEO, Taste Savant

The Company
A restaurant discovery site and app designed to assist the savvy diner.

Road to entrepreneurship
“I originally entered college with the intention of going to medical school. But once I arrived, I was inspired by the possibilities. So I dropped my chemistry major and decided to pursue marketing. On my first day at PepsiCo, I was excited and nervous, but knew I was on the road to success. I then went to Harvard Business School for my MBA following which I moved to London, where my job as chief marketing officer at a start-up was extremely satisfying.”

Being a young leader
“It is thrilling and scary, both rolled into one! I’ve always enjoyed setting my own path and direction. Had I not ventured out on my own, I wouldn’t now be embarking on a new path in media. It was because I launched Taste Savant that the Food Network invited me on to host their show, Food Fortunes. I’ve learned to never say no to any opportunity.”

On challenges
“Every entrepreneur takes a huge risk in trying to launch a business and that risk is often taken alone. But, I always pushed through and found ways to overcome the loneliness by surrounding myself with peers and other entrepreneurs which was a great way to share the highs and lows and get through the tough times involved in being a new business owner.”

How the experience has changed her
“It has made me a stronger person with thicker skin. I always had a great deal of confidence and didn’t care too much about what other people thought of me, but now I’m even more determined to follow a path meant for me.”

Style quotient
“I started my career in corporate America wearing business casual, which was so boring to me. When I started as an entrepreneur, I vowed to look polished and put together, but still be casual, relaxed, and myself!”

On regrets
“There’s not one single thing I’d change about my life. I’m not the type of person who has regrets. Every decision I’ve made and every corner I’ve turned has been intentional and with purpose. I encourage everyone to think about their life similarly as well.”

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