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August 10, 2017

Snackible Is The Answer To Your Mid-Meal Hunger Pangs

Text by Zaral Shah

With over two dozen delectable snacks on offer, Snackible’s treats satiate the hunger without showing on the waistline

On realising that high-fibre cookies tasted nothing like his favourite chocolate-chip cookies, Aditya Sanghavi, founder and CEO of Snackible was encouraged to find a solution to the mid-meal hunger pangs. The 26-year-old armed with a degree in finance and business management is an avid reader and continues to learn each step of the way. As someone who is spearheading a start-up, Sanghavi’s days are mostly consumed by daily to-do tasks and updates with different teams.

Founded in April of 2015, Snackible is Sanghavi’s solution to what he calls the snack crunch. Their assortment of unique and wholesome foods are armed with options sweet and savoury – their granola crunchers, for instance, are the perfect way to add some flavour to a glass of milk, the spice of the Wasabi peanuts ideal for those who crave a zesty bite or two, and the oats and chia chocolate bites – they’re guilt-free indulgences for everyone with a sweet tooth! With over two dozen delectable snacks on offer, ones that satiate the hunger without showing on the waistline, it’s safe to say that Snackible’s graph is only headed upwards from here.

How did Snackible come about?
“While I was with Themis (an SME consulting company), I noticed certain eating patterns that I now realise are fairly common at all workplaces. A couple of hours post lunch, a lot of my colleagues would find themselves compulsively snacking on all kinds of unhealthy food, ranging from fried snacks delivered by roadside hawkers to highly processed and packaged snacks that are available over the counter. Naturally, I wondered why there weren’t healthier snacking options already available. What if we could log onto a website that listed out a variety of snacks, which met our taste and health requirements and that allowed us to select our choice of snacks? And what if this website made our lives easy by delivering these snacks right to our doorstep?
Having studied in the UK, I was aware that there are subscription models that allow you to pre-order snacks for a set time-period, just by clicking a few options on the website. To add a little spin on things, I decided that this website would also offer a subscription model which would ensure that our customers get a box of unique, healthy, tasty snacks at affordable prices delivered to their doorstep every week or month. This is how Snackible was conceived.”

In your opinion, what is the key to a healthy lifestyle?
“It isn’t only about going to the gym. In the long run, monitoring what we put inside our stomachs is equally important as it is ultimately our eating patterns that determine our overall health. Having said that, you see too many diets dominated by current market trends, which may not always be a sustainable way of putting in place a sensible dietary regime. There will always be cravings and days when you’re tempted to indulge in scrumptious food. As snacking is impulse driven, it is crucial to always stock up on healthier options to ensure you do not fall prey to junk food when the hunger pangs kick in.”

Due to it being an online phenomenon, do you find yourself working 24/7?
“In any budding start-up journey there are always those phases where you find yourself working 16-hour a day, but after a point, this isn’t something that happened consistently. I realised that it is important to have a work-life balance.”

What do you do when not working? How do you de-stress?
“I am a complete movie and television series buff. I also enjoy trying out new and different restaurants. I have a keen interest in different cuisines and my mind is always thinking of ways in which to put a healthy spin on some new dishes that I chance upon at restaurants.”

What are the most challenging aspects of your work?
“Product innovation. What most of our customers find on our menu as finished goods have a very enthralling back story. Taking a product from a concept to market entry involves a lot of different stages ranging from resources, research and ideation, to testing and sampling. Sometimes, even after investing all this time and effort, there are products that don’t match our expectations and hence, never see the light of day.”

What’s the most important piece of advice or you’ve received?
“As a young startup founder, there’s never a dearth of advisors. Everyone from family members to colleagues and friends will give you advice. While most advice is what one may call commoner’s advice, some of the more crucial guidance on market expansion and ways to improve our products has come from the angel investors and family.”

What can we expect to see in the near future?
“We are in the process of launching a new brand with a differentiated product targeted to the masses at lower price points. From an international presence standpoint, we are in advanced talks with multiple overseas companies including those in UK and UAE to make our foray into the international markets.”

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