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July 19, 2018

Skin Expert Jöelle Ciocco Is At The Top Of Her Game

Text by Rymn Massand

Equal parts nutritionist, beauty guru, therapist and dermatologist, she believes that one’s overall health is key to what the skin reflects

Jöelle Ciocco | Paris

With a background in science (which is also how Joëlle Ciocco approaches her speciality ‘epidermatology’ — a term she specifically coined for what she does), Ciocco has built her brand based on a multidimensional approach. She believes in treating the entire ecosystem of the body, not just the face, and is equal parts nutritionist, beauty guru, therapist and dermatologist. However, it is her amazing facials that use her exclusive line of plant-based products (that she spent years developing in Switzerland), along with her unwavering belief that one’s overall health is key to what the skin reflects, is what has kept her fiercely faithful following of clients coming back to her for decades. Her clients include all of the best of France’s actors, magazine editors, designers, and many more — but her approach is to tailor her facial according to the specific needs of the individual. She quizzes each customer on their eating, drinking, travel, habits, stress factors and even their romantic lives…all in the pursuit of gathering the information that will best help her when she is formulating a personalised plan!

Beyond how amazingly talented she is, her kindness, joy of life and humour keep her at the top of her game. I stopped by her atelier Centre de Epidermologie, on the Place de la Madelaine, and over a consultation and a facial, we chatted….

What was your background before you began your company?
I studied biochemistry at school, after which I worked in the laboratories of an international group. In 1980, I met an aesthetic dermatologist from whom I learnt a lot. It was inspiring and educational, and I became passionate about skin and all its essential functions.

What has been your biggest challenge?
To be alone! I had to develop, create and sell my own products, while working on and refining my methods and techniques. It was hard work, but I believed very strongly in what I was doing and what I wanted to develop and so I often joke that I dedicated all my life to my professional hobby!

What do you wish you had done differently?
I wish I’d started my Instagram account and my website sooner. As a scientist, I am looking for perfection! But I couldn’t go faster because I needed time to be more precise, see things clearly and offer an explanation. Therefore, I try to innovate new products. I have never done things if I have not felt completely ready. The biggest surprise throughout my career was that I have been right all these years! The skin has an ecosystem and a biodiversity that need to be maintained by a healthy hygiene. I believed in that from the start, and over time, have seen the results of that belief.

What would you consider to be the bedrock of your brand?
I work with people who believe in me. I like sharing my ideas, innovations and philosophy with my team — it’s essential for us to be in harmony.

Who is your role model?
George Sand inspires me by her feminist thoughts and ideals, and Gabrielle Chanel too.

Favourite walk in Paris
The Jardin du Luxembourg is one of the most beautiful parks in Paris. Eat at Café Pouchkine.

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