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November 13, 2009

Tee Time

Text by Supriya Nair. Photograph by Anil Chawla

The designers of Masala Tee spice up green

Sheikha Mattar-Jacob and Noelline Besson, the Delhi-based founder-creators of the Masala Tee collection, have India’s number when it comes to their range of organic casual chic. Expats from Singapore and France, “living and loving our colorful masala lives in India for the last two-and-a-half years,” the inspirations for their designer tee-shirts and scarves are all Indian, with lovely luxe accents of Swarovski crystal. “Organic cotton tees are considered less trendy in design. Masala Tees are designed and form-fitted to flatter a woman’s figure with the hemlines falling to the hips and a lower collar,” they explain. The designers combine an intense eco-consciousness with social responsibility, with some sale proceeds going to organisations that benefit women and children. Great fans of khadi, Ayurveda and desi ways of organic living, they see their work with sustainable and fairly-grown fabrics as an investment in the future. “A few years ago organic food was a novelty. Now it’s everywhere. And I think the same will happen with cotton,” says Sheikha. “But it’s important we and other fashion retailers back it.”

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