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October 06, 2014

From Dad, With Love – Sam Balsara And Lara Balsara

At birth, she flooded her parents’ world with sunshine and laughter. Growing up into a fine young woman, Lara Balsara continues to be the centre of her family’s attention. Her father, Sam Balsara pens his innermost thoughts to his daughter in emotional missives

My darling Lara,
As you embark on a new and important phase of your life allow me the liberty of penning down some thoughts and sharing them with you. You might wonder why I am writing to you and not talking to you, as I usually do. In today’s Twitter world a letter may sound impersonal and rude, but I am penning my thoughts down in the fond hope that you will then give this matter due importance.

Your first phase was that of a child and a student. What a sweet, neat and obedient child you were. And as you grew up and woke up to the harsh reality of the visual impairment of your elder sister, you ungrudgingly shouldered that responsibility. The second phase was when you entered the ad agency Madison and shouldered the responsibility along with me of helping Madison grow and widen and deepen its tentacles. Your ability to take a cold, objective and linear view in many a situation has helped prevent us from taking a wrong decision based purely on my past experience, drowned by emotion. You shouldered all these responsibilities admirably and well.

You did all this while your father, mother and sister have been an integral part of you and your growing up. So integral, that you could take liberties with us. We would happily give you the liberty of snapping at us and inconveniencing ourselves to allow you enough room to bloom and mature and ride the wave of life in as comfortable and cushioned a manner as we possibly could. We see with bewilderment how in a time frame of less than 24 months you have become more close to your husband-to-be than us who you know for over 30 years! And rightly so.

You are now committed to share a life with another human being full of strong likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences varied moods and emotions, like you. To experience all the joys of  wedded life and family bliss, you will have to learn to submit yourself completely, respect your husband’s independent views, give him and his views enough space and, in as subtle a manner, demand the same for yourself. Your parents and sister will continue to play as supportive a role as they always have and you know they will always be there for you, but we will try to be less demanding on your time, knowing your new responsibilities.

Kaizad is mature, stable and handsome and I must compliment you on your choice. I am sure you have a lot in common but you have to learn to respect him and he, you.
You have been a model daughter that every father can only dream of. You refused to get spoilt despite my best efforts! You have been a model employee at Madison;  I am certain that you will soon turn into a model wife and mother. Do allow me to try to spoil my grandchildren.

Lovingly yours,

Sam Balsara, who started Madison in 1988, has over 30 years’ experience in marketing and advertising. He is the chairman and director of Madison World and has been often ranked as the most influential person in media and advertising; among the many accolades and awards to his credit is the AAAI Lifetime Achievement Award.

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