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May 08, 2014

Shoe At First Sight

Text by Viseshika Sharma. Photographs by Ryan Martis

While Sabine Heller’s world revolves around people, her wardrobe is peopled by fashionable heels and soles that she pampers to no end

Verve‘s personal style with Sabine Heller:

  • Sabine Heller, CEO A SmallWorld
    “I’ve had these Chanel shoes about two years and I’ve worn them to death. The tendency is to wear black or brown shoes but I find that navy blue is incredibly useful, from a colour perspective. Right now I’m travelling with two blue leather bags.”
  • Sabine Heller, CEO A SmallWorld
    “I love shoes. I think Gianvito Rossi, Sergio Rossi’s son, is one of the best new shoe designers. Charlotte Olympia is a favourite. And I believe there’s no winter boot better than my buckled and fur-lined Jimmy Choo flat boots.”
  • Sabine Heller, CEO A SmallWorld
    “In winter, my look is much more tailored – flowing clothes don’t work in freezing temperatures! I wear a lot of monochrome and greys, with red lips and minimal jewellery.”
  • Sabine Heller, CEO A SmallWorld
    "I'm not obsessive about having the latest shoe or bag, but I'm lucky to have friends who are great designers and I'm happy to support them so I almost exclusively wear clothes by friends."
  • Sabine Heller, CEO A SmallWorld
    “I have a very different wardrobe for when I’m travelling because I think about things that have a lot of impact but don’t take too much space in the suitcase. Anything that doesn’t wrinkle easily, really versatile looks.”

We manage to catch Sabine Heller, CEO of ASmallWorld, the online luxury travel community, quite literally with her suitcase. Having been on the road for the past four weeks, her suitcase opens up to reveal a river of churning colour. “Everyone gravitates towards the one look that they feel represents them the best, and mine just happens to be more Bohemian. I do have a litany of little black dresses though,” she says.

Sabine ran the Villency Emerging Fashion Fund, a fashion incubator that worked with young American designers at the nascent stage of their careers – brands like Proenza Schouler, Thakoon, Derek Lam, Ruffian and Maria Cornejo. “If I like something in particular I prefer to visit a designer’s studio and buy it directly from there. My social life is much more in the creative world than my business life is, so my relationship with fashion has to do with my relationship with people, not with my relationship to ‘things’,” she says. It’s the same spirit of conviviality she brings to ASmallWorld, viewing it as a platform to bring together people for experiences money can’t buy.

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