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March 02, 2016

Streaming Success: Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin

Text by Zaral Shah

The CEO of B/C Designers talks about being an entrepreneur and how she handles competition

Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin, 30
St Louis, Missouri — CEO, B/C Designers

The Company
A creative digital design studio generating smart solutions that blend style with strategy to help businesses grow.

On being an entrepreneur
“I have learnt that being an entrepreneur means being a problem solver. As a business owner, you have to carve a niche for yourself where you feel you can make an impact. New challenges arise each day, but nothing compares to reaching new milestones in your journey.”

Her inclination towards being inventive
“I grew up in a household where artistic expression was encouraged as my mother was a painter. I’ve always believed that the sky is the limit and have been urged to follow my dreams and succeed. I always knew I wanted to start something of my own. Merging beauty and practicality is something that has always fascinated me, so graphic design was an obvious choice for me in college.”

Avid traveller
“I am driven by my wanderlust and live to travel to new places. I recently went to Croatia for the first time with my husband and was really able to unplug. Travelling is the perfect way to broaden your perspective, reset, and get inspired.”

On growth and the future
“My partner Elizabeth Leesmann, my team and I love to flip ideas on their heads and position companies for great success through strategy. Right now we are working on many fun start-ups. We are also partners at a snack subscription start-up called BodyOM.”

How she handles competition
“I think it is important to know who’s out there doing what, so that you can set yourself apart and keep up with digital trends. A quote I love: ‘Because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her’. I truly believe that being aware, kind, and working hard are the secrets to success.”

Her journey through the years
“I have grown to accept my mistakes and have learnt lessons from each experience, good or bad. I am stronger; I recover quicker and am more tolerant and thoughtful now.”

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