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February 29, 2016

Streaming Success: Radhika Aggarwal

Text by Zaral Shah

The co-founder of ShopClues talks about her e-commerce company and gives us her success mantra

Radhika Aggarwal, 40
California — Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer,

The Company
A rapidly growing e-commerce company conceptualised in the Silicon Valley as India’s first managed marketplace.

On teamwork
“My team and I have partnered to make ShopClues what it is today. Our teamwork has made it possible for us to reach incredible milestones and build this robust platform for our merchants and buyers in the e-commerce industry. With a very young and passionate team behind ShopClues, we are geared up for bigger accomplishments.”

Words of wisdom
“The crux of the story in any start-up is that you ought to be awake all the time. While discipline is the one thing you cannot have a substitute for, you need to hone your juggling skills. An online business is no exception and my prudent advice to women entrepreneurs is to listen to their hearts when it comes to business and their personal lives. Yes, be the party hopper and never lose your diva avatar. But go for the plunge, take risks and show your gutsy side to the world when it is needed the most.”

Success mantra
“When you walk confidently, there is always a story of sheer brilliance and hard work that follows. My mantra is simple: ‘Failures happen to those who give up,’ and I don’t believe in giving up.”

Wardrobe essentials
“I like my wardrobe to be effortless and simple. My soft cotton and Gujarati silk saris hold a special place in my life but I don them only on special occasions. While I am simple on most days, I like to glam up when needed. On a typical workday, I sport jeans and a T-shirt. I have my favourite Indian semiformal outfits for other days. What I wear to work is fuss-free and comfortable.”

In a parallel universe
“I can’t think of another career path for myself…I would however like to write a book someday…let’s see how that pans out.”

On milestones
“I have approached my life with hard work and diligence. I know I will fail the moment I give up. I realise that no success is ever an individual’s achievement. There are a host of people without whose support and encouragement I would not be where I am today.”

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