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September 12, 2016

Meet Raaj Sanghvi, The Entrepreneur

Text by Zaral Shah. Photograph by Prateek Patel

A self-confessed museum junkie and adventurous eater, Raaj Sanghvi is the driving force behind Sanguine

“Entrepreneurship has made me calmer and given me plenty of practice to deal with stressful situations. More often than not, things go wrong or do not pan out the way you imagined them in your head. I am now calmer in these situations and confidently move towards a contingency plan instinctively,” shares Raaj Sanghvi. Just 26, he spearheads Sanguine — a 21st-century content, advisory and events company in the luxury lifestyle space. Having worked with an international glossy, luxury house LVMH’s marketing division and the production house Red Chillies Entertainments, Raaj continues to contribute to various publications.

When we interact with him at The Eau Bar, The Oberoi, Mumbai, the son of veteran journalists and authors Malavika Sanghvi and Vir Sanghvi rightfully states, “Media and communication are in my genes.” Raaj has gained a great deal from his various educational forays around the world. “Diverse courses (political science, sociology, intellectual property rights and media communications) opened my mind and taught me how to think with clarity.”

Running a business in this fast-paced virtual world definitely isn’t easy, but Raaj takes it in his stride. “The key is to adapt, embrace change and stay relevant. Apart from that, there has been no better time to be involved in a technology-related business,” says the avid reader.

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