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July 17, 2011

The Power Of Elegance

Text by Malvika Sah. Photographs by Amit Dey

Verve catches up with the effortlessly chic dresser in her New Delhi home…

“I always wear clothes that make me feel good,” says Pushpanjali R Chawla, who heads her own company, Luxury Works, which facilitates brands to strategise in India. Hailing from the affluent Baidyanath family, well known for their array of Ayurvedic products, the glamorous corporate diva is the toast of Delhi’s smart set and one of India’s best dressed women.

Her personal attire which epitomises understated luxe, is all about clean lines and no-fuss designs, where she loves combining monochromatic, tailored silhouettes with fun shoes. A firm believer in power dressing, she admits that in the corporate world “one has to look professional and exude authority to be taken seriously but without sacrificing your femininity”.

Sharma also has an unforeseen daredevil side to her. A certified sky-diver and a regular trekker, she has raced on the Nascar amateur circuit in the US and nurses a strong passion for automobiles. Adventure sports, horse riding, skiing and ballroom dancing help her unwind from her frantic daily schedules.

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