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June 26, 2015

Verve and Louis Vuitton Diaries #3 Purva Patel

Text by Simone Louis. Photographs by Tejal Pandey. Make-up and hair by Sneha Acharya, Ulipi’s Salon and Spa

Verve visits the city of Ahmedabad to catch up with six charming women, and discovers their love for fashion and Louis Vuitton

The best thing about Purva Patel’s home is the people in it. As she greets us in the morning, looking unbelievably fresh-faced and cheerful, the house is buzzing with her family and team of helpers. Here, we get our first taste of Ahmedabad hospitality — and it’s even better than expected. The second best thing about the home is Purva’s closet. The event planner knows her way around fashion and is not afraid to indulge in it, too. “I have more than a hundred bags!” she exclaims with a twinkle in her eyes. “I always buy the best of the collection.” Not surprisingly, her first ever luxury buy was a Louis Vuitton bag — an iconic Speedy 30 Multicoloured Monogram canvas. “I don’t go by trends; I’m not fickle. I wanted my first fashion investment to be something powerful, which never goes out of style,” she says.

Purva runs a successful wedding and event management company called Prasang, with her partner, Keyur Patel, and a team of 12 people. “Around 10 years ago, there was no concept of wedding planning here. I had just met my partner and a wedding came up in the family, so we decided to take charge of the execution. I used three big trucks of flowers; it was the most talked-about event in Ahmedabad.” The lovely lady has always been ambitious and, in fact, began working when she was only in the ninth grade, teaching children at a school in the city. Despite the satisfaction she felt by doing this, she soon realised her passion for design and went on to pursue an education in commercial arts. She describes her design aesthetic as dreamy, elaborating, “My partner is much more practical as compared to me so when I have a fantasy, he is the one who executes it. We do only one wedding or event at a time, because we like to give our all. Even so, we’ve gone from doing three weddings a year to doing 10 to 12 events in the same time span!”

When she’s not busy working and networking, Purva enjoys spending time with her family, especially her little boy. He scampers around us, adorably asking a million curious questions, playing cheerily with anyone who engages him and finally heading out to the backyard to jump on a trampoline. His mother watches him endearingly, voicing her happiness at having so much space to embellish for him. The interiors of the home are as functional and trendy as the outdoors, and every room is tastefully adorned with statement knick-knacks from luxury brands. Purva believes in staying true to her own sense of aesthetics rather than being influenced by everyone else, something that is evident in both her home and her wardrobe. She opines, “Style shouldn’t try too hard.”

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