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December 15, 2009

Priyanka Chopra’s Hot Moves

Text by Nisha Jhangiani

Priyanka Chopra sure knows how to liven up any setting with her sunbeam smile, her enviable energy and her hard-to-match dance moves. Verve tracks the much-in-demand superstar and steals moments during the Verve photo shoot to get a pulse on what gets this gal’s party mojo going…

From sunset to sunrise: “I’m not that fond of going out; I prefer something more informal and intimate, like hanging out with close friends. My conservative upbringing meant being home by sundown on school days. Today, the parties I go to may last until 5 a.m. but reporting to my parents about my whereabouts, who I’m going out with, when I’m coming back, is all still mandatory. And I like being answerable.”

Mommy’s girl: “My mom is the most fun person to party with. Whenever she accompanies me on outdoor location shoots, we land up hitting the coolest clubs together.”

“Gauri Khan and Sussanne Roshan: Are the best hosts, as is Karan Johar. Big dos or small gatherings for 30-40 people, their house parties are the most fun.”

“3 kilo, custom-made, high heels: From Ferragamo. They took five months to be made and they were measured exactly to my feet. From the grey-silver fabric swatch to the crystals on the heels; everything to do with the design was chosen by me. Shoes are my one weakness; roadside chappals, or Chanel, Louboutin, Choo – I have them all.”

“A cyclone hits my closet: Every time I have to decide what to wear for a night out! My friends and I live out of each others wardrobes. If my options are limited, I’ll go for a classic black dress with a pair of heels and an evening bag.”

“My evening clutches can never hold anything: they are so tiny! But I do like to carry a lipstick, a small perfume, a compact and small brush and my cell phone.”

What every party girl should have: “A great pair of shoes. An LBD. Limited accessories – solitaires and a nice watch. Lots of kajal for the eyes. And well blow-dried hair.”

Be Indian, wear Indian: “I would generally opt for a sari when dressing for an international event. Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna and Abu-Sandeep would be my choices. I inform the designers of my requirement about five to ten days in advance and choose from the options available.”

“Solid colours, good cuts, well-fitted garments: Are essentials for me. I’m not into prints at all. Gavin Miguel does a lot of my gowns. I also like Ferragamo, Gucci and Armani. Their cut and style are closest to my sensibilities.”

“I’m a junk food junkie: Burger King is my favourite restaurant, if you can call it that! Otherwise, I love Nobu. I also love kheema pao, nalli nihari…anyone can convince me to eat anything, anytime!”

Cocktails and fast food: “I’m not a big drinker. But I do like the occasional Lychee Mojito. And no post parties please, I prefer to go back home and sleep – unless I’m being taken to a Taco Bell after! I go for the ambience, music and energy of a place; Buddha Bar in Paris or Dubai and Mansion in Miami are all great.”

“I’m an East Coast kind of girl: I love the USA because I’ve lived in Boston and visited New York often. I enjoy Italy and Spain too. I like London but I’m not crazy about the city. For holidays I prefer South-East Asia; I recently went with my girl gang to Bali and Koh Samui.”

“I was just grateful when the party I hosted for Gerard Butler was over!: The whole time, I was asking people if they were all right and whether they needed anything. I had about 50 guests at my new apartment; Dad was the official bartender, I had food catered from Olive restaurant and I obsessed about everything from the flowers to candles and lighting. The party carried on until 6 a.m. and naturally, I had the cops coming in a few times that night. Never again am I going through this all!”

“I’m a bitch; They tried to make me go to rehab: A couple of my favourite songs are ‘Bitch’ by Meredith Brooks and ‘Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse. I also like Nicole Bach and David Guetta. The music I listen to depends on my mood, but I’m very fond of old Hindi hits and hip hop. Currently I’m humming to the Tum Mile soundtrack.”

Dance all night: “That’s the reason why I go to parties and clubs; to just dance. I remember a cousin’s birthday that I attended recently with close friends and family – we are very filmy and everyone had a great time doing the jhatkas and matkas to Hindi numbers!”

The evening party that ended at 8 a.m.: “Shah Rukh’s house party ended early morning with a breakfast spread. It was one of the best times I had!”

“I can talk to a pole: Because I love talking! I will finish with my hi-hellos to all at a party and then sit in a corner for a while to catch up properly with a few. That’s what I like most about parties – the conversations that I’ve had that I remember and also being able to see people let their guard down.”

The New Year’s Eve plan: “I’m usually working every Christmas and New Year’s Eve so the celebrating just happens last minute. I’m in New York this December; I will ask family and friends to join me there. No gifting this season; I’m done for the year, considering I took five months of thinking and planning to get my traditional Diwali gifts done!”

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